Church Treasurer

Sis Barbara JonesTrustee Jones is a native of New Bern, North Carolina; she has lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over 47 years.

Reverend James H. Milteer was her Pastor and his wife, Sister Gwendolyn Milteer was her Sunday School Teacher in New Bern; he also served as her Pastor at Berean Baptist Church, when she moved here.

Trustee Jones has served on many ministries at Berean Baptist Church; just to name a few: Young Adult Choir, Co-Lead Teacher of Women’s Adult Sunday School, Ministry Leader of Ushers Ministry, Secretary of Hospitality Fellowship, Ministry Coordinator of Prison Ministry, (Ruth) Caring & Sharing Administrator and several others. But, her greatest accomplishment was accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord & Savior at a very young age.

Trustee Jones has three children, Michael (deceased), Kesha & Larry, Jr, along with seven grandchildren, whom she loves dearly.

As quoted by Trustee Jones, “I have made many mistakes in life, had many heartaches and setbacks. But, because of God’s grace and mercy, I am here to tell others that Jesus Saves. I will continue to serve Jesus Christ & Him only.”