Our Mission

Download Leadership Ministry Events - Request Form

Download Leadership Ministry Events – Request Form

“Evangelize, Edify & Empower”

Berean Baptist Church’s Mission is to be a biblically centered ministry, designated to Evangelize to the lost, Edify the people of God, and to Empower persons through the sharing of our Lord’s love toward the saved and unsaved. We seek to unapologetically, provide a holistic ministry to our congregation first, community second, and to the crowds and masses of humanity, third.


Our Vision

“Community, Commune & Christ”

Berean Baptist Church’s Vision is to build a Community of Revitalized servants and saints, to Commune in Reconciliation through the message of Salvation, and to Demonstrate a Christ-like Redemption to the world.

Membership Agreement

Our Values

“Faith, Hope & Love”

Berean Baptist Church surrenders its heart, mind, and spirit to the abilities that enables our ministries to be Fruitful.


“Where Traditions & Innovations Commune”